Armor for a Contemporary Woman Installation Preview 

If could you could wear a protective suit that would completely prevent physical harm, what would it look like? What materials would you build with? I experimented with papier-mâché using my own form and sense memory to guide the design process. 

Try It On For Size

For one night only at Da Vinci Art Alliance, you too can try on the armor to see what it feels like to wear what I feel l need to be safe. Come to DVAA on September 24 at 7 pm, take a photo of yourself in the armor, and post it with the hashtags #ContemporaryArmor + #WhatDoINeedToFeelSafe. Let's have a conversation about bodily autonomy and personal safety through papier-mâché.

The Details

September 24 at 7:00 pm, Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, $10 sliding scale/pay what you can

Wearing the helmet and plague doctor meets Shylock nose mask