Writing by Mira Treatman

Cowboys Chugging Red Bull in Iraq

October 4, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“Exuberant, indulgent, incoherent, vivacious, violent—Pursuit of Happiness rarely made sense, but crucially shone the mirror back on this American audience. We all know those clowns on the stage.” Read the article

Photo by Andrej Lamut

Royal Jelly

September 17, 2019 in thInkingDANCE

“Where Rector’s point of departure is emotional turbulence, Wally’s impetus for choreographic gesture is a deep fascination with the body and its mysteries.” Read the article

Photo by Stephanie Ramones

Nothing is Certain, Except Death and Hoagies

September 9, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“At a moment in our city’s history where an influx of new (Yorkers) residents move in to seek cheaper rent, let it be a line in the sand that Tribe of Fools serves up an original idea, stays true to their vision, and chases their hoagie dreams to fruition.” Read the article

Photo by Terry Brennan

July 31, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“The cast returns for bows. Ayewa is beaming. They went to war, they have their drums.” Read the article

Photo by Johanna Austin

July 5, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“I believe Djordjevich has taken on a worthwhile cause - to comment on the unjust positioning of girls and women in the dance industry. However, in practice, this choreographer ultimately appropriates black cultural dances—in the way that they unlock individuals’ joy—to quell white pain. Blackness is unacceptably invisible in this work.” Read the article

Photo by Gema Galiana

May 28, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“While it is excellent to see the artists’ trust, The Verdon Fosse Legacy, advocate for and protect the work through the careful choreographic reconstructions, it would be more valuable to have the dances without the sensationalized fluff.” Read the article

Photo courtesy of FX Network

May 23, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“The artists’ ultimate achievement of communitas is perhaps more meta. Reaching equality in an unstructured society, and certainly in a theater collective, is ever changing, never static. With half of the original cast and founding members of Almanac having moved on from the group, the show goes on. Perhaps Almanac’s offstage society is in fact the communitas in question.” Read the article

Photo by Dan Kontz

April 29, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“Like an all-consuming first love, this debut performance holds space for the makers’ imagined futures blooming from their inherited pasts.” Read the article

Photo by Natasha Cohen-Carroll

Of Stravinsky and Men

April 15, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“Yes, this ballet circa the behemoth 1972 Stravinsky Festival was a product of its time, but emotionally-driven, contemporary readings of the work in response to current events are equally valid.” Read the article

Photo by Alexander Iziliaev

March 25, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“A brilliant recurring gag—an oversized white cane that pulls an actor off stage as a routine sours—appears as a looming coat hanger ripping out another fetus.” Read the article

Photo by Johanna Austin

Queer Black Joy in Formation

February 24, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“Like much of the choreography, the preparation pose, with its unbalanced weight distribution between legs, accentuates the sinewy angles of the dancers’ posteriors. Wearing flat wrestling boots, the dancers mimic a high-heeled strut as they travel through space, another celebration of their booties, calves, and popping hamstrings. Later in the evening, the dancers sing an original song about booties that sounds like a hymn. This ode really drives home a message of joy and love for their bodies.” Read the article

Photo by Tayarisha Poe

Words on Martha’s Museum

February 24, 2019 in thINKingDANCE

“The biblical figure Eve does not suffice as a curatorial impetus in 2019…” Read the article

Photo by Hibbard Nash Photography

Gritty in Performance

October 31, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

“Philadelphia’s Gritty is a new classic, the jawn of all jawns.” Read the article

Illustration by Jenny Kessler

On Our Backs in the Dark

September 26, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

“I let myself enjoy the show without the limitations of aspirational theatregoing and political correctness.” Read the article

Photo courtesy of EgoPo Classic Theater

They Didn’t Want to Die

September 20, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

“Variations employed a devastating roller coaster ride of tonal shifts, which was perhaps the truest storytelling.” Read the article

Photo by Ian Douglas

Shine Bright Like a Magda

September 13, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

“‘Nobody is as radical as they say they are,’ Magda San Millan, known also as simply Magda, declared minutes into feral wild girl child.” Read the article

Photo by Magda

FIGMAGO: Dances for Eternal Children

August 23, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

"This ambitious collaboration by artists whose work I respect was a skillful application of audience-accessible gilt." Read the article

Photo by Melissa Kelly

Fringe Picks: 5 tD Writers on What They're Seeing This Year and Why

August 16, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

"I’m excited to see two contrasting site-specific works taking place outdoors: Rose Luardo and Kate Banford’s An Unofficial, Unauthorized Tour of LOVE Park and Leah Stein Dance Company’s Ground Works." Read the article

Illustration by Jenny Kessler

DK_Almanac_ xoxomoongirl-6315 (1).jpg

July 25, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

"Almanac told a story that vilifies a violent man, but the darkness didn’t appear to alienate. Rather, it drew everyone to rally around the heroine, bringing the opening night audience to a resounding standing ovation." Read the article

Photo: Daniel Kontz


June 10, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

"Whereas typical dancers, forgive me, are so snotty. There are three thousand people in the audience and they’re ignoring them, thinking what’s happening up there is enough. I disagree." Read the article

Photo: Ralph Alswang

37- Jewels ( Diamonds  )  Soloist ( James Ihde ) And ( Holly Fusco ) PC-Arian Molina Soca _ 5-13-2018 (1).jpg

May 17, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

"While the lack of narrative can be alienating for some audiences, it gives individual dancers crucial opportunities to shine just as themselves, which I find refreshing." Read the article

Photo: Arian Molina Soca

Jaamil_Tommy (1).png

May 8, 2018 in thINKingDANCE

"I wonder if knowing dance more implies a relinquishing of past ways of knowing in favor of embracing dance divorced from any previously maintained regimes." Read the article

Photo (L-R): Erik Carter, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

Resting Bitch IMG_2395e.jpg

August 11, 2016 in Curate This

"Then there’s what in all of this keeps me up at night: my concern over whether or not having a resting bitch body as my neutral stance in fact reinforces stereotypes and the structures that cause cycles of violence and injustice propagated by the hierarchy resting bitch is trying to get away from." Read the article

Photo: Jack Treatman


August 8, 2016 in Curate This

"When I look at Lauren Karstens’ photographs, I see two polar-opposite people who choose to build on common ground and to seek that common ground before difference." Read The Article

Photo: Lauren Karstens