Dr. Mira

Dixon Place presents



One Night Only! December 15, 2017

9 PM Dixon Place

Tickets + Info dixonplace.org/performances/dr-mira/

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An Evening With Dr. Mira

When almost anything can be summoned on demand through the shiny bright rectangle in your pocket, many human experiences are lost. This troubling new development is the reason you must pay a visit to Dr. Mira. Experience crucial moments of reckoning with the future while a dancer posing as a doctor provides maximum cathartic release for you and one hundred of your newest best friends, a.k.a. your fellow audience members. No humans will be harmed in the making of this art.

Program Note

At a moment in history where there are infinite reasons to despair, I perform Dr. Mira in defiance. I perform to keep myself hopeful. I perform because it is harder to do a task when others watch and said tasks gain meaning the more witnesses are present. I perform because others cannot, whether by choice or silencing. I perform because I believe in the power of 1:1 human contact. I perform because I am a hungry clown. I perform to shine light on the truth. I perform in opposition to any and all hegemonic forces that do not want my voice heard. I perform with great appreciation for those who choose to watch. Thank You! - Mira Treatman


This performance is made possible with support from Dixon Place, Leah Stein Dance Company, Glasshouse, a residency at Arts Letters & Numbers, and in progress showings at FringeArts, Soundspace, Waxworks, and Movement Research Open Performance.